Reasons To Buy A 5 Marla House In Al Jalil Garden

December 16, 2020

When you think of a small space, you might think of the 816.752-square-foot (3 Marla) tiny homes that have become a popular option for those looking to really economize. But there are benefits to living in a smaller home — If your increase square foot from 816.752 to 1361.25-Square-Foot, then you can extremes to enjoy this type of house. Proof: Consider the 816.752-square-foot home, it is smaller than the average house (according to the most recent the Galaxy Developers, the average size of a newly built home is 1361.25-Square-Foot), It is not so small, and you will not need to buy a Murphy bed!) to live there.

According to The Galaxy Developers, “we spoke with a few homeowners In Al Jalil Garden who live the smaller or average size homes, along with the latest designs they enjoy a lot of benefits”.

1. More affordable

This is one of the biggest motivating factors to make the jump to 1361.25-Square-Foot (5 Marla) House. A homeowner says that “My wife and I buy home in Al Jalil Garden (1361.25-Square-Foot townhouse and the remaining amount I used to launch my business. Now I have a beautiful home In Al Jalil Garden and I am an owner of well-established business, I say thanks to Al Jalil Garden affordable instalment.

2. You save on utilities and other routine expenses

“The cost of insurance, taxes, heating, cooling, electricity, etc. will always be less in a home [that’s] 1361.25-Square-Foot ( 5 Marla) or less. While insurance and taxes can also be affected by other factors, utilities are the guaranteed place to save. The Galaxy Developers says that, on average, the electric bill for a 1361.25-Square-Foot ( 5 Marla) home is approximately 5000-6000 per month less than the electric bill for a 3,000-square-foot home. And if you are going the condo route, you can also save big on maintenance fees. “Since most association fees are calculated on square footage, the fewer square feet in a condo, the lower the monthly expense will be for the owner.

3. Upkeep is a breeze

“Anyone residing in a home over 3,000 square feet can attest to the fact that there always seems to be something going wrong. Whether it is a leak in the guest room or a broken pipe in the upstairs bathroom, the fact is, larger homes require more upkeep,” The Galaxy Developers says. Although few people can truly say they love spending a weekend making repairs, a smaller house potentially means fewer things will go wrong in the first place. They also mention that even the big-ticket items like replacing a roof, redoing floors, and exterior paint jobs will take away smaller bite out of your pay check compared with maintenance on the mansion down the street.

4. It’s easier to keep clean

Not only are there fewer rooms to tackle, but also the home’s 5 Marla size helps you cut down on collections and clutter. “It really helps one declutter and just keep the real necessary things in life,”. “We also enjoy that there is not much to clean and [it] takes half the time to clean the new space!”

5. You can get creative with upgrades

“With a large home, you tend to purchase a lot of off-the-shelf furniture just to fill up space. With a 1361.25-Square-Foot ( 5 Marla)  home, you have built-in limits [on] buying too much. If you remodel, costs are lower as well.” Just think of all the gorgeous wallpapers, luxe countertops, and fine cabinetry you can indulge in.

Al Jalil Garden & 5 Marla Home affordable Instalment plan

Al Jalil Garden is offering best and affordable Instalment plan to buy A 1361.25-Square-Foot ( 5 Marla) House in the housing scheme.

Do you live in a 3 or 5 Marla Home? What are your tips for making the transition? Share in the comments below!

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