Is it smart to buy a 10 or 11 Marla house in Al Jalil Garden

December 17, 2020

Having more space is always a good thing, right? Well, exactly. What you gain in square footage when buying a bigger house comes along with several hidden benefits that you might not have considered. And while it is certainly true that many people simply outgrow their homes as their families expand (including the rising number of people in Lahore who are living in multigenerational households), if you’re thinking of moving to a bigger house just because it seems like an attractive thing to do, it’s worth putting in some additional thought before taking the plunge.

Buying a bigger house just mean having more space for all your family and stuff. Here are six reasons why you should think to buy a larger home, 10 or 11 Marla houses in Al Jalil Garden

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 Pros of Buying a 10 or 11 Marla house ( Bigger House)

  • The number one advantage of buying a 10 or 11 Marla house (larger home) is the fact that you can grow into it. And chances are you will be growing if you are in the market to buy a home.
  • After all, it is young families (or aspiring ones) who are often the ones to purchase real estate. While the two-bedroom condo might hack it for now, the presence of a little one will turn things on their head in a hurry.
  • Just ask anyone who has ever had a baby. They will probably tell you that they should have bought a house instead of a condo, or that they wished they had bought just a little more house. Or one with an extra bedroom.
  • You rarely hear people complain that they bought too much house, though that can also happen from time to time.
  • Generally, people end up (emphasis on end) with more home than they need after the kids have left the nest, leaving aging parents with more space than necessary. The upside is this larger home can provide more of a nest egg for the retiring couple when they sell it and downsize.
  • A larger home also allows for more flexibility if you happen to go from being a W-2 employee to self-employed. If you suddenly need a home office, you can quickly convert one of the spare bedrooms.
  • The same goes for house guests. If you want to entertain, or merely provide shelter for guests from near and far, having an extra room or two can come in handy. That is, unless you want to sleep on the couch, or make your in-laws do the same.
  • A home with an extra bedroom (or bathroom) will likely fetch a higher sales price too, though you will probably have to pay extra yourself when you buy it. Of course, the appreciation will likely mean more money in your pocket when all is said and done.
  • At the end of the day, having too much home is only a problem if you cannot afford it. It is not a bad problem to have, whereas too little home does not leave you with many options.

The GALAXY DEVELOPERS also added one Tip: You might be able to rent out a room in a larger home to help cover the loan or instalment.

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