Reasons You Should Buy a 5 Marla House in Al Rehman Garden Phase 7

December 28, 2020

However, since the recession hit, more people are realizing that small is beautiful. With energy bills and living costs constantly rising, living small also means living affordably. And for many, this is the most appealing aspect of living in a 5 Marla House in Al Rehman Garden Phase 7.

Benefits of Small Home Living

Here are reasons why you may be happier if you downsized and bought a 5 Marla House in Al Rehman Garden Phase 7:
  1. 5 Marla homes are easier to maintain. Anyone who has owned a house knows the amount of time, energy, and effort to maintain it. All things being equal, a 5 Marla home requires less of your time, energy, and effort to accomplish that task.
  2. You spend less time decluttering. And that should be reason enough.
  3. 5 Marla home are less expensive. 5 Marla homes are less expensive to purchase and less expensive to keep (insurance, taxes, heating, cooling, electricity, etc.)
  4. Living 5 Marla means you go into less debt and less risk. Dozens of on-line calculators will help you determine “how much house you can afford.” These formulas are based on net income, savings, current debt, and monthly mortgage payments. They are also based on the premise that we should spend “28% of our net income on our monthly mortgage payments.” But if we can be more financially stable and happier by only spending 15%… then why would we ever choose to spend 28?
  5. Owning a 5 Marla House is mentally freeing. As is the case with all our possessions, the more we own, the more they own us. And the more stuff we own, the more mental energy is held hostage by them. The same is true with our largest, most asset. Buy 5 Marla and free your mind. That is one of the benefits of minimalism.
  6. 5 Marla homes have a 5 Marla environmental impact. They require fewer resources to build and maintain. And that benefits all of us.
  7. You free up more time. Many of the benefits above (less cleaning, less maintaining, mental freedom) result in the freeing up of our schedule to pursue the things in life that really matter – whatever you want that to be.
  8. 5 Marla homes encourage family bonding. A 5 Marla home results in more social interaction among the members of the family. And while this may be the reason that some people purchase bigger homes, I think just the opposite should be true.
  9. Downsizing your home forces you to remove baggage. Moving into a 5 Marla home forces you to intentionally pare down your belongings.
  10. 5 Marla homes lessen the temptation to accumulate. If you do not have any room in your house for that new treadmill, you will be less tempted to buy it in the first place (no offense to those of you who own a treadmill… and actually use it).
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