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    Phase 7

Al Rehman Garden

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Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Map

Al Rehman Garden is one of the most suspicious and luxurious colony located near Sheikhupara District on ferozwala road. The society is well equipped with a total of 7 Phases. It offers all luxuries and infrastructure for its residents. This society is walled with the full security system.

Here you can find luxurious houses at low prices. With its six Phases, the society is expanded over a vast area with high speed completely built roads. Below Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Map:

Al-Rehman Garden Lahore


Developed Phases in Al-Rehman Garden

  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase- 1
  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase- 2
  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase-3
  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase-4
  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase-5
  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase-6
  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase 7

Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase- 1

Al Rehman Garden Phase 1 is located on the main GT Road Lahore near Ferozewala Rachna Town. Lahore Bypass & Kala Khatie Narang Mandi Road are also in close proximity to Al Rehman Garden Phase 1. Some of the other noteworthy nearby roads are Motorway, Lahore-Sheikhupura-Faisalabad Road and the section of Lahore Ring road and Sialkot Motorway are  not far away from Phase 1.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 2

Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 is to be found on Main Jaranwala Road Lahore, and also in extreme nearness to Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 3

Al Rehman Garden Phase 3 is situated on GT Road Lahore, and the There Road is also not far away from Phase 3 of Al Rehman Garden. Another significant thing about phase 3 is The Lahore Ring Road is also near Phase 3 which is a highlight and noteworthy point to consider while choosing a property in Al Rehman Garden Phase 3.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 4

Al Rehman Garden Phase 4 is another momentous project of Al Rehman Developers placed on the key location of Nearby Sozo Water Park, Canal Bank Road Lahore.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 5

Al Rehman Garden Phase 5 is located on Ah-1 Lahore Bypass Road, in close propinquity to the UET (University of Engineering and Technology) Kala Shah Kaku. Furthermore, Lahore- Islamabad Motorway is also close to Phase 5 of Al Rehman Garden.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 6

Al Rehman Garden Phase 6 is located on the main GT Road Lahore near Ferozewala Rachna Town. Lahore Bypass & Kala Khatie Narang Mandi Road are also in close proximity to Al Rehman Garden Phase 6. Some of the other noteworthy nearby roads are Motorway, Lahore-Sheikhupura-Faisalabad Road and the section of Lahore Ring road is also not far away from Phase 6.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 7

The society is in the center of all the activity. The society is 15 minutes’ drive from the assembly hall, 10 minutes from the bus station, and 8 minutes from district court, and 10 minutes from shahada. Phase 7 is in the center of Al Jalil Garden and Al Noor orchard.

Main Features – in Al-Rehman Garden Lahore

Fool Proof 24/7 security: Al Rehman Garden is providing the residential project with the fool proof and 24/7 Security which one requires in life. 24/7 Guards are present to watch any suspicious activity. Security cameras are also present which are also basic of any security.  If the security cameras are called the backbone of the security, then it wouldn’t be a lie. There are high-definition cameras on watch to provide people with the fool proof security.

Fool Proof 24/7 securityHospitals: Hospital is the basic need of any related place. In keeping this in mind, Al rehman Garden Phase-II is providing the facility of Hospitals with the best available doctors.

Al Reham garden HospitalsParks: Parks are present in Al Rehman Garden Phase-II. There are spacious parks with the Jogging tracks. These parks are best for those who want a healthy lifestyle.

Mosques: Mosques are present which are beautifully decorated from both exterior and interior. Air-conditioned, mosques, which are very spacious. This will up lift the spiritual level of the person offering his prayer in it.

Other Features

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and a wide carpeted network of roads
  • 24/7 availability of basic utilities water, gas, and underground electricity
  • Gated secure community reinforced with Boundary wall
  • Hospital and pharmacies with experienced doctors, nurses, and staff to hand over the best treatment to the residents of the societies.
  • Education facilities are also part of the plan schools and colleges
  • Water treatment filtration plant
  • Accurately planned sewerage management & waste disposal system to keep the societies neat and clean
  • Waste management disposal systems
  • Modern and equipped with modern facilities, business, and shopping centers/Malls
  • Enjoyment and recreational areas like parks for elders and play areas for children
  • Jamia mosques
  • Gymnasium: Gymnasium is also present. There is no restriction of age in the Gymnasium. In Gymnasium there are many trainers which train the people, the ways of keeping a healthy Body.
  • Ideal Location: Al-Rehman Phase-II is present in the prime/ideal location. It is present in Lahore. This project is just 30 minutes’ drive away from Shiekhupura. New way from the Segyal Pull has also been opened recently.
  • Play area for Kids: Play areas for kids are present. In these areas, kids can play while on the other hand the parents of the children can relax. This is best opportunity for the children to learn by themselves, tensionless.

Nearby housing societies

Al-Rehman Garden is located to many nearby residential societies, such as:

  • Al Jalil Garden Housing Scheme
  • Al noor orchard lahore
  • Omega Villas Lahore
  • Lahore Garden Housing Scheme
  • SAREMCO Pak Valley Housing Society
  • Smart City Lahore – DHA (Location)

Map View

housing societies near faizpur interchange

Follow Guidelines while purchasing/Sale of Plots in Al-Rehman Garden Lahore:

Document Verification: Please ensure, to always verify all the documentation before getting into any purchase or sale of the property and also make sure to inquire about the NOC and approval document by the developers duly approved by the Lahore Development Authority.

Financial Security: Please make sure that your funds are in line with your purchase plan before the conclusion of any transaction of any sale or purchase of the property.

Property Visits: Do visit the site on the ground to ensure that the written documents are under the plot specifications on the ground before any purchase and after surety of the validity of documents.

Final words:

Al-Rehman Garden Lahore is a secure, well maintained, green, peaceful, and developed housing projects. This is developed with the merger of modern facilities and the cultural heritage of Lahore. The engineers and staff of Al-Rehman developers are dynamic, well experienced, and work around the clock to provide the best of the best living facilities to the residents and investors. This is the best place to sell or buy homes.